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Zonsopkomst veld

Our manifesto

Today’s food production and consumption in our society is not future-proof. The soil is depleting, seas polluted and the air, and biodiversity is eroding. At the same time, we generate unnecessary waste and eat too much processed food. The impact on our health and living environment is significant. Crises are emerging one after another: the climate crisis, the health crisis, war, energy crisis and an economic crisis. Our system is crashing. Things really need to change!

As a society, we are becoming more and more aware that everything affects each other, that everything is connected. But when it comes to actually solving our problems, we are failing. When it comes to the food on our table, 95% of it is soil dependent. If we continue like this, the Earth’s soil will be depleted in 50 years. We must act now to ensure food security for generations to come.

We need a fundamental change in our agricultural and food system. It all starts with our relationship to nature. We are trying to dominate and manipulate nature. We need to start cooperating with nature (again). And find our own place in nature again.




It all starts with a vital soil

One thing we know for sure: our contribution starts with the vitality of the soil. Conventional agriculture is demanding more from the soils than it is giving back. In the current system, the focus is mainly on price per kilo and yield per hectare. This has to change, with more respect for nature and food supply for generations to come. Our focus in this should be on the self-healing capacity of soils and humanity.

Our commitment is to achieve 10,000 hectares of regenerative agriculture by 2035. By working step by step on a more vital crop rotation, an optimal choice of seeds and crop varieties, more nature-friendly crop protection techniques, more biodiversity and gentler harvesting techniques that respect both soil structure and soil life

In this context, growers play a key role. Together with our growers’ association, we will do what is necessary to enable our growers’ vital transition. It is important that this transition is financially affordable, achievable and safe for growers.

Verwerking wortelen

No more waste and going for vital processes

Taking inspiration from nature, we do not accept waste. In the broadest sense of the word: the talent of our people, raw materials, production resources, time and money.

But our ambition goes beyond that; we are going for a climate positive operation by 2035. Step by step, we are moving to 100% renewable energy. We will invest in sustainable technology in cultivation, harvesting, transport and production. And we are cutting our transportation mileage and will be adopting more sustainable packaging.

Sojaboon handen

We join forces for vital relationships

To truly change our food and food system, we need to go on a journey together. With partners who also believe in the shortest possible chain, and in the fair and transparent sharing of revenues and risks in that same chain. Partners who are willing to challenge existing practices and business models. Curious, ambitious and driven. Partners with the courage and the will. Just like us.

However, our most important relationship is with ourselves and the people we work with. Within our organisation, we jointly create a safe and inspiring space where everyone can be themselves. A place where people support and encourage each other to work using their individual talents. Allowing everyone to give their best. So that every day, together, we will become smarter, more effective and more sustainable.

Wortelveld zonsopkomst

We are going on a journey!

 Together with our growers and our clients as well as new friends we will be meeting on our journey. Our big goal: To grow, produce and sell vegetables and vegetable products to make a net positive contribution to the vitality of humankind and the Earth.

Join us?