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KaroPRO® Carrot Fibre

Sustainable | Clean label | Plant-based | No allergen

KaroPRO® is a natural carrot fibre that combines excellent water binding capacity with emulsifying activity. It is used to improve texture, mouthfeel and viscosity in the final food application.







KaroPRO® Carrot Fibre



  • High water binding capacity
  • Emulsifying activity and emulsion stability
  • Excellent cold swelling properties
  • Natural ingredient | clean label | no E-number
  • 100 % carrot | made from edible part of the plant
  • Sustainable | produced from byproduct of juice processing
  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Fibre enrichment
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KaroPRO® Orange

KaroPRO orange

The functionality of this orange variant of carrot fibre is equal to the beige KaroPRO. It is a more economical choice if the colour fits in the recipe of the final product.

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This product is an extra fine milled (< 75 µm) carrot fibre for application a.o. in meat injection. Gives a smooth texture.


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BeetPRO is made from red beets (beetroot). Additionally to the functionalities of KaroPRO®, it has an intense red shade and contributes to the colour of the final product.

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Sustainable food ingredients

KaroPRO® and BeetPRO are sustainable ingredients produced from a byproduct (pomace) of juice processing. The production takes place in Helmond, NL at Van Rijsingen Ingredients (part of Van Rijsingen Green) from locally sourced carrots and red beets. The pomace is only mechanically processed to obtain the dry fibre – no solvents or chemical modifications take place.

Energy Food Ingredients, another company within the Van Rijsingen group, is responsible for the sale of this product.

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Bakery VRI


Bread & buns | Cakes, muffins | Nutritional bars | Gluten-free bread | Crackers

  • Moisture retention
  • Freshness improvement over time
  • Fat & egg reduction
  • Increased dough yield
  • Texture improvement
  • Fibre enrichment
  • Dough stickiness reduction
Burger VRI

Meat & plant-based

Beef & vegetarian patties | Cooked sausages | Canned meat & fish | (vegetarian) meat balls | Cured meats | (Pasta) Fillings | Marinades | Coatings

  • Increased yield
  • Cooking loss reduction
  • Cost saving
  • Texture improvement
  • Fat reduction
Icecream VRI

Frozen food

Ice cream | Sorbets | Water lollies | Frozen dough | Pizza toppings

  • Ice crystal size reduction
  • Thickener
  • Syneresis control
  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Melting improvement
Soup VRI

Soups & Sauces

Sauces | Dressings | Soups | Instant soups | Mayonnaise

  • Thickener
  • Syneresis control
  • Emulsion stabilisation
  • Egg replacement
  • Fat reduction
  • Texture improvement

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